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How do you determine if you are creating a WordPress site or programming?

By NatchCenter / Mar 3, 2018 / Published in Website
How do you determine if you are creating a WordPress site or programming?

How do you choose between wordpress or special programming for your website or blog? Certainly the questions you ask yourself as you come to the experience of creating a new site, but we help you in the next lines to choose the appropriate way and to identify the difference between them.


WordPress system

What is WordPress? It is simply an open-source, easy-to-handle global script. It is possible to create websites through and add a lot of tools, and it runs with a scalable template system.

One of the advantages of WordPress is that it is open source, free and easy to install by hosting a private domain, and then you will find all the scripts you want to install.


Differences Between WordPress and the Programming System

the cost
Because of the cost, WordPress is much cheaper because it is free. For non-free tools in WordPress, it is much cheaper than your own scripting system. Imagine that the programming system will cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


Wordpress Universal gives you the ability to edit at any time. There are always a lot of tools offered by the program, but in fact, the special programming system is better because if you have a particular idea and try to implement it will not benefit you much WordPress, but will need higher capabilities already exist in the special programming system.


SiO and search engines
One of the most important things that webmasters and bloggers are looking for is WordPress, which gives you the ability to see if your content is compatible with all the SEO standards. – Orange: Good Seo – Red: Seo is bad.

In fact, here you will not need a programmer as much as you need an experienced expert in the SIU to make a special script strong and distinctive and adequate, and do not worry because the control of the screve here and there leads to equal results.


WordPress and hosting
It is possible to make a site on WordPress free hosting system and will choose between more than a template is free and wonderful at the same time and support in Arabic, and from time to time find everything that is new in the world of WordPress, where many of the programmers in the development and modernization.


Start Design: Solution
At the beginning of the design of the website or the blog, we advise you to use WordPress for quick launch, to know how successful it is and to achieve the desired goals. You can go further by using the special programming system to make the site more efficient, but keep in mind that programming will cost you more and you will need To a greater effort than the developer.


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