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What is visual identity?

By NatchCenter / Mar 3, 2018 / Published in Design
What is visual identity?

Visual identity is a set of tools that are characterized by a specific style of design, which is based on the design of the logo of the project or company, using: uniform colors, logo, logo, business card, paper, folder of files, envelope of various sizes, CDs and electronic designs to cover your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others.

It is known that the main objective of any project or product is marketing it to reach the largest size of the target audience. Therefore, the visual identity guarantees you to present the business in a simplified and small format to establish specific values such as the logo of Apple International – Apple lacks part is not completed yet).


Objectives of visual identity

Define the target audience of the product or company objective.
Pay attention to the success of e-marketing.
Build a strong marketing strategy.
Give a face to the institution or organization so that the recipient can identify and distinguish it.
Provide the company itself to the public.
Existence of independent and distinct personality.
Create a state of exclusivity especially among companies on the scene.
The basis of visual identity: logo, letters, symbol and expressive painting.


When is the logo successful?

The visual identity of any company or organization is successful if the logo is strong and gives a good impression on the recipient, as it is a memory and memorization, and contains strong visual images and the first prominent and not faded as it is placed on internal staff cards and official papers.

Signs of the success of visual identity placed on the seals and correspondence papers and transport vehicles of the company and its subsidiary to prove in the minds of the public, in fact, the logo of visual identity is one of the most important signs that distinguish the company or institution from competitors.


The overall impression

In the end, the visual identity aims to impose a general impression reflected on the public from the inside and outside to interact with all productions of the Foundation from promotional materials to leaflets and booklets and impose the marketing objective and guidance through this logo in addition to maintaining the company’s existence and follow all communication tools.


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