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Best SEO Practices and Trends in 2018

By NatchCenter / Jun 25, 2018 / Published in Website
Best SEO Practices and Trends in 2018

SEO is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to website creation and maintenance.

Naturally, the trends in SEO strategies vary greatly and rather rapidly, making it essential for marketers to keep track of the necessary changes that need to be made to improve user experience.

So, even if you chose the best design and created amazing meta titles and descriptions, content for your posts – it will all be in vain if you don’t maintain your trendy SEO approaches.

Following the latest developments of Google in terms of SEO is the key to a successful online presence.

“The thing that worked for you last year and brought your site success may not apply to the SEO world today. They won’t just fail to provide you with visitors or followers – they’ll actually be your doom if you don’t move as fast as changes happen.” – says Nolan Gregory, a professional writer and SEO expert.


Best SEO Practices and Trends in 2018

If you are wondering which practices are tossed aside today and which are important to include in your strategy, here is the list of the hottest SEO trends of 2018.

1. Voice Search

Voice search is without doubt the latest and most prominent SEO trends this year. It is growing so rapidly, it changes the entire way people see the internet and search on it. If you don’t believe this, ask Cortana or Siri, Google Now or Alexa, or simply your Google Assistant.


Google has reported that the number of such searches has increased up to 35 times in the past decade. This means that if you haven’t optimi your site for voice search, this is your last chance to do so.

How can you use this trend to your advantage?

Google has a voice search that chooses the text you will put inside a featured Snippet. So, add this content on the first page and optimize it with a conversational keyword.

2. Mobile-First Indexing

People seem to be using their mobile phones all the time. As a result, mobiles have become the primary access of people to the Web and potentially your website. This is where mobile-first indexing comes rushing in.

As a result of this trend, Google gives much more importance to mobile-friendly sites than it ever did. If your site is well-displayed on different mobile devices and is generally mobile-friendly, it will get the priority on the search engines.

Mobile-friendly sites are no longer a preference. At this point, this is a necessity.

3. Link Building

Link building seems to be very trendy at this point – perhaps the most promising of all times. We believe that this tested method of SEO hasn’t yet reached its peak, even though it is one of the biggest trends this year. There is much more to come – so you better catch up as soon as possible.

Without link building, don’t expect to get on the first pages of search results. This is one of the two top ranking factors, standing right next to quality content.

There are many ways to get backlinks to your site, so start right away. You can use guest posting, blog commenting, article submission to sites related to yours, infographics, etc.

4. Influencers and Social Media

Influencers seem to be extremely popular nowadays. By leveraging social media to move along the process, marketers now enjoy a chance to get recognized much faster than ever.


This is a good thing, but can also mean the end for your website. If you don’t get shares, visitors and influencers, you are not going to make it to the top of the search results. Attempt to turn your own customers into influencers instead of buying them to attract more of the targeted audience.

5. Site Speed

Site speed is highly important in 2018 and it no longer matters if it is on desktop or mobile – you need to make your website load fast everywhere! It is the essence of SEO nowadays and one of the most prominent ranking factors Google uses at this point.

According to a study that researches what happens to your site when the speed is low, an increase in speed to 2-seconds can result in 74% conversion rate. On the other side, a page that takes 6 seconds to load can suffer 40% loss in conversion rate.

6. Video

Video has kept growing over the years and its peak is now! By the year of 2021, Cisco estimates that 80% of online traffic will be generated by videos.

Since we are very close to this year, it is time that you take advantage of video. This is one of the greatest way to get more traffic to your website. Simply tap into YouTube or embed video on your site.

7. Snippets

Last but definitely not least – snippets! Featured snippets are a holy grail of 2018’s SEO and without a doubt one of the most popular practices we can see this year. With voice search becoming as popular as it is, featured snippets are taking a huge part in the SEO game.

Also called ‘position zero’ in the SERPs, snippets are the short contents read aloud when a person uses voice search to get to your website. Knowing this, it is about time that you take action and grab the coveted position called ‘position zero’.

The best and probably only way to achieve this is if you create a conversational question in the featured snippet to attract the person who is searching for the content. Then, you need to provide the answer to that intriguing question in the content. This should help boost the interest of the reader and turn him/her into a regular visitor, preferably even an influencer!



There are many things that will determine the success of your website, but following the latest SEO trends is most certainly the right way to go!


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