Basic principles of web design

Basic principles of web design
NatchCenter Mar 3, 2018


Users of the site are the ones who judge the effectiveness of its design and not its owners There are many factors that affect the possibility of using the site is not external form any form, for the performance of the site any ease of use is also important.

1_ Objective: To be well designed, this site must be based on the user’s wishes.

That is, visitors to your site are looking for information, entertainment, interaction or want to deal with you in your business.

Each site must have a specific goal so that it satisfies the wishes of its users in the most effective way.

2_Contact: People are always looking for information in the fastest form, so it is important that the communication within your page is clear and that the information is easy to read and understand by them.

One of the most effective tactics that must be included in your website design is organizing the information, ie, its meaning and using the points instead of the long confusing sentences.

3_ fonts fonts

It is usually easier to read texts on websites if they are written in simple, contemporary font such as “Ariel”

The optimal font for online reading is 16xp and try to commit to using three font types with three point sizes and higher to include a layout for your site.