How to make a page design (we will launch soon) better

How to make a page design (we will launch soon) better
NatchCenter Jul 9, 2018


Unlike traditional "under construction" pages since the beginnings of the Internet, the "We'll be Coming Soon" page today can prove to be a powerful tool when launching a new site.

If you plan to launch a new business online, think about social marketing. To drive your business online, you need to get people to know what you're doing before you actually launch your product or services.

How do you do that? It's easy! When the "we will soon launch" pages are a process. It will help you market your business before it even starts! Reach potential customers and get followers of your pages on social media sites before your business is ready

Forget the traditional yellow hats and blues, let's take a look at the benefit we can draw from some of the best "We'll be Coming Soon" pages! These designs for the "We'll Be Coming Soon" pages have a unique style and ideas that will definitely inspire you to make your page stunning! Also learn about what you should put on the "We'll be coming soon" page to be more effective and contribute to your marketing efforts before your site is effective.

Please note that the examples we see below may not appear directly on websites because the sites have already been launched. However, you can see how they looked in the pictures below. And it will definitely give you the inspiration you need!

What is the "Coming Soon" page?

"Coming Soon" pages will basically highlight what you should expect once you've built your great site. It is therefore important that you give an adequate idea of the content of the site. It usually has a design identical to the company's business mark and also some other key features, such as subscription form mailing list and buttons for social networking sites.

I am a brand of the first day

The advantage of placing something on your domain is that it offers the opportunity to develop a logo and a brand that can be embedded in the minds of viewers before the site is ready to be finalized. This is very important and makes it easier for your company to stay in memory. See example below! Page (we will launch soon) These, have a large logo with a simple footer and which aims to get sales.

Simple but effective page - it is almost all you need any page (we will launch soon) to a large extent.

Save email or subscription notifications

There is no point in publishing the Amazing Coming Soon page if you do not provide any follow-up. It is likely that your visitor has forgotten the whole thing by the next day, so it's important to tell him that the site is already working. You'll find many of our "we'll be coming soon" pages offering subscription forms on our mailing list. Make sure you send an e-mail to new followers shortly, telling them up-to-date information about the site's progress, otherwise they will forget that they have subscribed in the first place and you may end up with lots of canceled subscriptions or "spam mail" notifications.

Scale up your design

It may be just an alternative to what will come, but that does not mean that you should not give the same time and effort to the "We'll be coming soon" page as you grant them to the completed site. Put something exciting and contribute to the temptation to attract attention. You've mastered doing this and you'll get a lot of partnerships for members who are fascinated by your business. This will increase your interest in your business, and you will be able to collect more e-mail addresses! Take the page below as an example! They are simple, but beautifully created

Do something fun / different

The "We will soon launch" pages are not considered new, and there are already thousands. With this in mind, your page must be prominent. Do something special or fun. People share what they like, so give them a reason to share your link. Be creative! Here's an example that can inspire you!


Put your links to social networking pages

Email is no longer the only way to communicate online today. Social networks are important tools for communicating with users. Sites such as Twitter and Facebook allow followers to learn more about what is going on behind the scenes. This way you will be able to gather some followers, even before your company is launched!

Make the buttons of these sites visible and even encourage your visitors to follow up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to learn more about your site.

This is what the design of the "We will soon launch" page for our website, line25. It was simple with a very clear invitation letter - Follow us on Twitter! And have been useful! We've been able to gather a lot of new Twitter followers even before the launch. This helped us a lot later, since Twitter was the primary source of traffic at the beginning.