The most effective (most important) principle in web design

The most effective (most important) principle in web design
NatchCenter Mar 3, 2018


A well-studied color palette to improve the user experience of the site, consistent colors create balance and harmony.

Using contrasting colors of text and its background will make reading easier for a site user.

The “bright” pulsing colors create interaction and should be used in a deliberate and moderate manner (eg for buttons and interactive requests).

Last but not least, blank or white spaces are important and very effective to give your site a fit and trendy look.

The image can be a thousand words, so selecting the right images for your site helps identify your brand and reach the target audience.

If you do not have the right images in your hands, think about collecting a stock of images that can improve the look of your site. Also consider graphics, images, and videos.

Because the fees can achieve much better communication than the best written text.

Navigation: It means the ability of people to move and move within your site easily Some tactics can ensure the design of an easy navigation system in your site, namely the hierarchy of logical in your page, follow the method of impact bread crumbs and design of pressure buttons and follow the rule of “three clicks,” which means that the user He should find the information he is looking for on your site in just three clicks.