YouTube Light

Android application on behalf of your channel with the logo of the channel and channel information:

Advantages of Application:

1 - Professional Interface
2 - The app has it's own player (does not need youtube player)
3 - Support for videos or playlists
4 - The ability to search within the channel for videos
5 - Works on mobile devices and Tablets on various screen sizes in the same quality
6 - a database enables the user to put certain videos in his "Watch later" or "Favorites" list
7 - The possibility of integrating adsense ads from Admob through the channel
8 - The application is available in both Arabic and English and convert automatically between the two languages ​​as the language of the device
9 - Users can choose between many options for video quality to suit the speed of the Internet they have
10 - Lifelong technical support , the amendment to the application or add or remove any properties

And many, many other features , and all this at an amazing price

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Mar 27, 2015 Category: NatchCenter Posted by: NatchCenter