Taxi Android app with full with website

NatchCenter Android Jul 13, 2015
Taxi ِAndroid app with full with website

Taxi ِAndroid app with full with website

Taxi Android app with full with website

Full site dedicated to the owners of taxi offices or individuals who own a taxi and want to move their work to the Internet to bring in more customers and to ease demand taxi through the site or through the Android application for the site.

Script contains the most important possibilities that it needs any office or individual owns a taxi and was developed in line with the modern Web development and is appropriate to the terms of Google and search engines

You can identify the most important potential through the details below

Main features:

A distinctive way to show the potential of the site, so that it appears to all your visitors at the same design change with the change of the user's machine type, whether or Mobile or Tablet computers (responsive design).

The site supports many languages ​​the most famous and widely used in Web by Google statistics  ArabicEnglishGermanTurkishRussianFrench.


  1. Language is changed by the user country and automatically according to the language of the browser and the user can also change the language at all times manually.
  2. The ability to add trips within a fixed location at a specified price and the manager can change prices and images and information at any time.
  3. Reservations entire integrated system enables the user to reserve a fixed trip or book a custom trip for the user easily through easy steps.
  4. You can users add comments and ratings for the services provided by the site and also Amkinkhm Upload images for their journey.

Control panel:

  1. Complete control Panel integrated control enables you to fully control the site and change anything you want within a dynamic and fast site.
  2. You can control the special trips within the site and change prices and pictures of each trip is easy and smooth information.
  3. You can control all the bookings made by the site or by the application and you can respond to them quickly through the user Email.
  4. You can preview all testimonials submitted by users and approved before it is presented within the site.
  5. You can add more admins inside the control panel so that other admins can help own developing the website.
  6. Add admins within the site with the specific permission, for example, admins that can only to change trips and prices. another admin to control user testimonials etc etc.
  7. The control panel is a panel full control of all parts of the site and change and all over the site is easy to edit and smooth.


Note: the price includes uploading and setting the website + the android app to your hosting account + support for editing (removing or adding new features ) that meets your needs.

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